National Dental Care

National Dental Care is an Australia-wide network of dental practices, with one goal: to set the benchmark in providing our patients with the best available oral health services in the country.  With almost 60 practices across Australia, National Dental Care is poised to continue its growth and success in coming years.

We have sponsored visa opportunities for dentists who are interested in forging a successful career in Australia, where the standard of living is high and the opportunities for career advancement are plentiful with expanding organisations such as ours.  As a dentist with National Dental Care, you will be remunerated competitively, enjoy a team focused and family based culture in the practice, and be provided with opportunities to attend seminars, supplier training and company funded professionalisation.

Our practices are equipped with the latest in technology, with equipment and instrumentation supplied for our staff at no cost.  Enjoying a steady patient flow, our practices are located in a range of metropolitan and regional areas, allowing you options to complete a broad scope of work in a variety of settings.  Should you be interested in transferring to another location during your time with National Dental Care, we can also offer support to achieve this.

If you are interested in making the move to a modern and energetic company where you will be remunerated fairly for your efforts, have access to a fantastic staff benefits program and afforded opportunities for your development, please contact us.