Moving From Overseas

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Moving From Overseas

Want to migrate to Australia?

For people who want to migrate to Australia, there is a visa available for dentists who have done at least 2 years relevant work experience. Whatever country you’re wanting to move from, there are many items to consider before taking the plunge.

Things to consider before moving to Australia


Ensure you’ve thoroughly researched the Australian visa requirements and have applied for the correct visa.


What city / State you are going to live in and should you rent or buy a property.


Research schooling options for children in the area that you’re planning to move to.


If you have a pet, organising their relocation and quarantine in Australia.


Organise storage in your country of origin and an international moving company to bring your items over to Australia.


Research what financial planning options you have and arrange your bank accounts.


Organise an Australian mobile number and internet provider.


Ensure you get insurance (health, home, travel) in Australia.


Establish how to get your Australian driving license.

Visa Requirements

With Australian opportunities changing frequently, you’ll need to keep up to date with the latest visas via the Department of Home Affairs Immigration and Citizenship website.

The current visa for dentists is called the 482 temporary skilled shortage visa. The dental occupation falls under the medium-term stream which means you can stay up to 4 years in Australia. It’s important to note the caveat with that visa, your location of work must be within a regional area of Australia.

Dentists must also be registered with AHPRA, or at least in the process of registering. Internationally qualified applicants must meet the registration standards of their health profession which includes English language skills and criminal history registration standards. AHPRA may grant exemptions from the requirements if you can provide evidence that you completed secondary education in the English language in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom or United States of America.

Visa Application
Deciding where to live in Australia

Deciding where to live

Australia is a vast continent that has an incredible amount of different living opportunities – from beautiful coastlines to metropolises, arid desert to tropical rainforests.  With 3 Australian cities voted in the top 10 of the EIU’s annual Global Liveability Index, more than any other country in the world, it’s easy to see the attraction.

With the 482 visa, it requires applicants to live in a regional area of Australia however, that shouldn’t be a deterrent for people wanting to migrate. Regional life has plenty of perks to offer including a more stress-free lifestyle, greater sense of community, more affordable housing and cost of living, less congestion and pollution, and beautiful country / seaside landscapes.

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