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Practice managers / coordinators are one of the most vital members of the dental team. They are depended upon by the dental professionals and patients alike, and are a key part in keeping the whole practice running smoothly.

Whether you’re a lifelong dedicated practice manager / coordinator or a dental assistant who is looking to take that next step up, there are multiple opportunities in this growing dental industry.

A practice staff

A typical day in the life of a practice manager / coordinator

A practice manager’s / coordinator's role can differ widely depending on the practice that they’re working for. Usually, a practice manager’s / coordinator's job involves implementing standard policies and procedures to keep the practice running smoothly, while also responding to any unexpected problems that appear. You will possibly look after:


Staffing and scheduling, sometimes along with other requirements such as managing leave and on-boarding new employees


Ensuring that every patient receives an exceptional level of care and clinical excellence


Managing different budgets and ensuring that the practice has all the necessary resources


Marketing and reaching out to engage the local community

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To become a practice manager / coordinator you don’t need a university degree however, you can undertake a range of different formal management qualifications which can upskill your knowledge of team management, human resources, budgeting and finance.

Similarly, most practice managers / coordinators have a dental background or experience as a dental assistant, receptionist or administrator. Prior experience of working in the dental field and general knowledge of how to use equipment and materials will go a long way when managing a practice – although again this is not essential.

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