Oral Health Therapists

Caring, compassionate and excellent communicators, Oral Health Therapists are important members of the team primarily treating dental diseases in children and adolescents. They are the educators of the team and help patients understand how best to care for their oral health.

Whether you’re a newly qualified OHT or an experienced professional looking for new opportunities, finding the right dental practice is essential to a successful career.

An Oral Health Therapist

A typical day in the life of an oral health therapist

Oral Health Therapists’ day to day activities can vary depending on the regulations in their state. They commonly provide dental therapy services and education to children and adolescents. An OHT’s daily routine will most likely contain the following activities:


Providing education and promotion of oral health to people of all ages


Performing dental examinations and treating dental disease in children and adolescents


Taking x-rays of teeth and jaws


Carrying out fillings and fissure sealants


Extracting baby teeth that haven’t naturally fallen out or have complications

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Oral Health Therapists work with broader members of the dental team to educate patients on how to maintain a good oral health regime. They have a strong preventative focus, rather than reactive, and are key in promoting positive attitudes about oral health in the community.

To practice as an Oral Health Therapist, you need to be registered with the Dental Board of Australia. In line with all other dental practitioners, you will need to complete a minimum of 60 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities over a three year period and you’ll be expected to comply with the codes and guidelines issued by the Dental Board of Australia.

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