Being a hygienist is a gratifying job as you play a critical role in promoting the importance of good oral health and ensuring patients have a firm understanding of how to look after their teeth and gums.

You’ve honed your craft in dentistry to be classified as a hygienist, completed your qualifications and are now looking for the best opportunities available in Australia.

A hygienist

A typical day in the life of a hygienist

No two days are the same in the life of a hygienist. Dental hygienists use preventive, educational and therapeutic approaches for the control of oral diseases and most days activities would consist of the following:


Performing ‘scale and polish’ procedures – removing tartar and plaque from teeth


Providing education and advice on preventing tooth decay and offering nutritional tips


Possibly placing fissure sealants, administering fluoride treatments and taking x-rays


Applying fluoride treatments and creating plaster models of the mouth to create custom mouthguards


Depending on your certification, your day may involve educating younger patients about their oral health

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There are a diverse number of fields in which you can practise the hygienist profession. Most dental hygienists work in private or specialist practices, but are also able to work in hospitals, aged care facilities, community health centres, Armed Forces, private companies selling dental products, and centres of learning.

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