Support Roles

The support role is the invisible group of experts that assist the frontline team in maintaining the highest delivery of patient care. Whether you’re in marketing, IT, HR or another department, your role will be to provide specialist support to the practice so that they can focus on customer facing enquiries and issues.

A dentist

Behind the scenes skills

As well as dentists and practice staff, there are an array of people who work in the background to make sure the dental practice grows into a successful business.



Raises the brand profile of the practice / business and creates promotional materials, website design, and attracts new patients through marketing campaigns and events.


Finance & IT

Covers a wide range of financial areas including payroll, accounts, processing invoices and managing records and receipts. Maintenance of IT equipment and infrastructure, looking after the quality of work systems, upkeep of company data and the smooth running of the company network.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Answers customer enquiries and complaints, and communicates with customers through various channels.



Organises the day to day running of the office, answers enquiries and phone lines, diary and calendar management, organising internal events and general office management.



Covers a few different areas including hiring new staff, learning and development, and employee rewards and perks.



Usually ensures the smooth running of the business, or your particular department, and includes such roles as Practice Development Manager.

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Looking for new opportunities in a dental corporation within your area of expertise? Be part of that support team who engage with the dental practices to ensure they can perform to the highest standard.

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