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Not sure where to work in Australia?

Not sure what area you’d like your next job to be in or looking for a change in lifestyle? There are multiple benefits of working within different locations in Australia – whether you like the busy city life, or are looking for a more peaceful existence, Australia has it all.

Major City

Major Cities

For a multitude of reasons, the majority of people in Australia live and work within one of the 8 capital cities. There’s a wonderful convenience of living close to your work, the shops, public transport and other amenities that you don’t get everywhere else. In major metropolitan areas, career prospects can be greater and there is more choice widely available.

The excitement of being somewhere that’s constantly busy and vibrant is a valid pull to city life however, living in a constant sensory overload can become tiring and disruptive.  

Coastal living

When people think of typical Australian living, they imagine incredible beaches and houses by the water. Coastal living definitely encourages individuals to lead a more physically active lifestyle, whether you’re going for a swim before work or taking an evening stroll along the coast line. Along with being physically healthier, you’ll be getting extra vitamin D throughout the day which is important for your overall health and autoimmune protection.

Living by the water can be a slower change of pace and aid you to lead a more stress free lifestyle nevertheless, you lose some of the perks that a big city provides.

Coastal Living
Rural and Regional Life

Rural and regional life

If the idea of living in a concrete jungle fills you with dread, than perhaps a regional lifestyle would be more suited. Every year, more Australians continue to embrace the view of a simpler, idyllic and less stressful way of life in the country. With smaller and closer-knit communities, there’s less congestion and pollution which can lead to improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Housing is also much more affordable outside of metropolitan areas so many people move to be able to buy their first property or to be able to upsize their house. Although there are many perks to country living, there is a decrease in activities and opportunities available in major cities.

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