How organisation and productivity are key to a successful life

Ever wondered how being organised and productive can lead to success in both your personal and professional life? We caught up with Lorraine Murphy - award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker and mentor - who gave us the latest tips and inspiration for people looking to shake up their habits at home and at work.

1) What made you decide to move into the topic area of self-help with speaking, mentoring and writing books?

A huge part of the success of my first influencer marketing business, was down to me learning effective time management and self-leadership strategies. I found incredible fulfillment from sharing my learnings through my books and speaking. When our daughter was born in 2017, I realised that I was no longer as passionate about influencer marketing and decided to sell that business to focus on what I call my “soul on fire work”: writing, speaking and mentoring.

2) Having now been an entrepreneur twice-over, what are the things you wish you knew beforehand?

So many things!! 

One: that failure is inevitable and a necessary part of getting better. 

Two: that the people around you are critical to maintain your confidence and keep the faith. 

Three: that the biggest things you stress about often don’t eventuate, yet the curve balls come from the least expected sources.

3) From your experience, how does being organised and productive in people’s personal lives affect their work lives?

It’s everything. If we’re disorganised, stressed and behind the eight ball at home, then that’s going to bleed over to our work life - and vice versa. My performance at work on a day where I’ve completed my morning routine, have a healthy packed lunch ready to go and our daughter doesn’t feel rushed is very, very different to a day where I’m woken by Lexi, rush out the door without lunch and leave something I need for my day at home.

4) Do you have any tips for people wanting to stand out in a crowded market?

Focus on your own lane. It’s so tempting to do whatever everyone else is doing however, what builds true longevity is consistent authenticity and making customers happy - not one-off marketing fads. Also, start as you mean to go on - whether that’s a monthly email to your database or a weekly Facebook post. This builds trust in your brand.

5) Any inspiration or tips for people looking to shake up their habits at work and at home?

Start small and focus on incremental improvements, you’re much more likely to stay the course that way. A big declutter I find is a great kick start to any positive change - whether that’s career improvement, regular exercise or starting a weekly cook-up.

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