The Australian dental industry is changing, are you?

The dental industry is transforming rapidly. Once upon a time, the average dentist in Australia was male, middle-aged and married to his dental assistant or practice manager.

The dental industry is transforming rapidly. Once upon a time, the average dentist in Australia was male, middle-aged and married to his dental assistant or practice manager.

As a duo, they would grow the practice, until retirement and then sell to their associate dentist, who typically had joined straight after university - and had been mentored by the dentist himself.

Nowadays a new generation of dentists is seeing an increase in women and a greater reliance on technology.

The ability to run a business is becoming more pivotal to the success of a dental practice.

Patients are making steeper demands and Dr. Google means they are better researched than ever before - and the expectations they have are even higher.

Dental technology: Is technology responsible for changing the face of dentistry?

The first digital impression scanners were introduced in the 1980s, and whether it's true or not, there have been anecdotal articles to suggest that more women are drawn to dentistry because of the technology.

Regardless of the reason it definitely appears to be one that is welcome by patients and many health search engines display whether the practitioner is male or female to give patients a transparent choice.

We do know that along with many other industries the gender balance is swinging toward women.

In fact, today more than 50% of the Australian dental industry are women.

Give patients what they want

Today a patient will actively type the words 'iTero dentist' or 'CEREC dentist' into Google and search for a dentist who is using the technology they want. They may not know the technical difference between iterations of technology, but they know they want to avoid messy impressions.  

Web search trends show us that patients are more informed and well researched than ever before.

They want to be able to choose their technology, compare prices, compare dentist's reputations and they value their own time - so they want to be able to book online and conveniently access their chosen location based on hours, parking and public transport.

Does the practice you are considering working with have a "patient-centric" approach?

Dentists have always wanted happy patients because happy patients return. But, times are not as simple as they used to be and expectations are higher.

If you are considering changing roles, and you want a growing patient base to be part of your move, here are some points you should consider:

  1. Technology: Does the new practice you are considering moving to have technology that will enable you to provide the services patients want? Access to a broad range of technology, whether you currently know how to use it or not, will mean you are likely to be working with other providers who can and may be willing to share skills. It also means you will have access to the tools you need to give your patients a broader range of services.
  2. Marketing: If they have the technology and services, but they aren't telling anyone about it, then patient acquisition is going to be tough. Look at how they are using social media, and if you can book online. If they have videos, photos and written blog posts that explain the technology, then you're off to a good start. If they don't but they are willing to invest, then that could still be ok.
  3. Growth hacks: Ask them how they are currently growing their patient base. If they give you an honest answer it is likely - and hopefully - a combination of referrals, digital and local area marketing. Positive word of mouth means they have a reputation that will help you too. If they are investing proactively in marketing, ask them how much they are budget for and what is working. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

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