The Benefits of Working in a Regional Practice

Working in a regional dental practice can offer a wide range of advantages - from close patient ties to a broader scope of work and a slower pace of life. In this article, we’re exploring the benefits of choosing to work in rural health.

The Benefits of Working in a Regional Practice

Whether you’re just starting your dental career or are looking to move to a new practice, one decision you’ll need to make is whether to opt for a metropolitan practice or one based in a regional or rural area.

For many people, relocating to a regional part of Australia can seem a little daunting, particularly if you’ve been used to the faster pace and mod-cons of city life. However, there are a number of compelling reasons that can make working in a regional practice an attractive option for people at all stages of their dental careers.

If you’re wondering whether moving to a rural area is right for you, here are some of the benefits of working in a regional dental practice in Australia:

Close-knit communities

When considering the benefits of working in a regional town, many people who’ve relocated from further afield are quick to point out the friendliness of the people they deal with, whether patients,colleagues, or associates.

With lower population sizes, smaller regional towns tend to have a stronger sense of community compared to their big-city counterparts. Working in a regional dental practice will likely mean you’ll get to know the locals more readily than you would in a metropolitan practice and develop close ties with patients and the local community.

A broader scope of work

With less competition in terms of other dental practices in the vicinity, working in a regional practice can offer a wider scope and variety of work compared to metropolitan practices. As a result, you may find you have a greater demand for services and are required to deal with many different types of dental needs.

The potential for a broader scope of work and more variety in service provision, as well as having the opportunity work more autonomously, can make working in a regional practice an attractive option for both dentists and support staff.

A quieter rural lifestyle

In a study by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) about the factors that would most encourage dentists to move to rural practice, 44% of members nominated the quiet/rural lifestyle.

The slower pace of life, access to nature, and better work-life balance can be of great appeal to those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, particularly families with young children.What’s more, the lower cost of living in rural/regional areas can offer another highly-compelling reason to relocate.

A chance to try something new

With the COVID-19 pandemic making international travel an unlikely prospect for the foreseeable future,relocating to a regional or rural area of Australia could be the ideal opportunity to experience a new place and enjoy a change of scenery.

Plus, improved transport links mean regional areas are increasingly well-connected to larger cities, providing a chance to reap the benefits of rural living without feeling too cut off from the rest of the world.

Whether it’s a country town or a coastal suburb, Australia is brimming with beautiful regional areas that offer a wide range of benefits to those ready to swap city living for something different.

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