What Does a Dental Practice Manager Do?

A Dental Practice Manager plays a crucial role in making sure the dental practice runs smoothly for both staff and patients. Check out our quick guide and see whether a job as a Dental Practice Manager is right for you.

Dental Practice Managers are a key factor in the success of a dental practice. As the person responsible for managing the practice, a Dental Practice Manager is required to take care of many different aspects of practice operations to ensure the business runs smoothly, day in, day out.

If you’re considering a career as a Dental Practice Manager, read on to discover what your role may entail and the type of responsibilities you can be expected to take on.

What is a Dental Practice Manager?

A Dental Practice Manager is responsible for the management and operation of a dental practice.

The role of a Dental Practice Manager can involve a wide variety of tasks, which will differ depending on the needs of the practice in question. However, they will generally cover aspects such as overseeing the day-to-day running of the business, financial management, marketing and administration, and human resources.

Where does a Dental Practice Manager work?

A Dental Practice Manager is most likely to work in a private or specialist dental practice.


What are the typical roles and responsibilities of a Dental Practice Manager?

As mentioned above, different dental practices will have different requirements when it comes to the role of the Dental Practice Manager. In general, a practice manager’s duties will cover a mix of the areas listed below (as there are many aspects involved with managing a dental practice, some of these responsibilities will often be shared with or delegated to other team members).


Daily practice management and administration

●    Making necessary arrangements to facilitate the completion of work

●    Ordering and replacing stock, equipment and stationery

●    Equipment and systems maintenance

●    Maintaining awareness of and compliance with all health and safety legislation

●    Conducting risk assessments and implementing safe working environment practices

●    Assisting staff and patients with issues and concerns


Financial management

●    Monitoring and managing cash flow

●    Creating monthly, quarterly and/or annual financial reports

●    Managing patient payment plans

●    Minimising practice debts

●    Obtaining grants

●    Researching suppliers 

Human resources

●    Organising, planning and leading staff meetings

●    Managing job roles

●    Coordinating annual leave and sickness absence

●    Ensuring compliance with current employment legislation

●    Conducting staff appraisals and facilitating professional development

●    Overseeing recruitment and onboarding processes

●    Managing grievances and disciplinary proceedings 


●    Creating and implementing marketing strategies

●    Managing client communications and promotions

●    Organising advertising opportunities

●    Collecting and collating patient feedback

●    Managing social media and digital marketing for the practice

●    Identifying opportunities for brand exposure and client acquisition


What type of personal attributes do I need to be a Dental Practice Manager?

As a Dental Practice Manager is responsible for managing staff and liaising with different stakeholders, it’s important to have strong communication and leadership skills, as well as being comfortable working with people in a team environment.

A Dental Practice Manager should also have good organisational skills and the ability to plan and multitask.


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